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$275 bride trial, hair & makeup May take up to 3 hours in length
$150 bride trial, just hair  May take up to 2 hours
$150 bride trial, just makeup  May take up to 2 hours
$550 wedding day,
hair and makeup   
Preferably 3 hours in length 
$250 wedding day,
Preferably 1 hour in length
$300 wedding day, just hair  Preferably 1.5-2 hours in length
$300 bride just hair, wedding day  Preferably 1.5-2 hours in length


$175/$200 bridesmaid hair and makeup
$175/$200 mother hair and makeup
$50 bride airbrush makeup  
$175/$200 hair extensions provide by artist (no application fee)  
$25 hair extensions provided by bride or bridal party, application fee  
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Services Offered

Studio Cathy HM offers beauty service packages to wedding brides and bridesmaids with different styles, preferences and budgets. All wedding packages include a desired hairstyle, a hair comb or flower clip, airbrush makeup, individual lashes and a travel radius for a minimum of 20 miles.


  • Travel on-site 
  • Flower girl 
  • Groom touch-up 
  • Group rates (more then 5 full services)
  • Bride and bridal party touch-ups 
  • Eyelash Extensions 
  • Makeup lessions